Dan Lander

10" hr0002, 1998

"I feel that a possible solution to our problem is to slow down and stop producing so much. We could return to a form of orality and talk to each other a little more. To listen, as opposed to always doing." - Dan Lander

A1 Lucas
A2 Robert
A3 David
B1 The Road Belongs To Everyone

Limited edition of 300 copies, vinyl only.

Dan Lander (Oshawa, Ontario, 1953) studied art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax (Nova Scotia) with a focus on performance, video and sound. After leaving school he set up a modest recording studio in his apartment and developed a method of composition which sprang from his interest in phonography and the referential in recorded sound. This interest also led to his involvement as an editor of two anthologies: Sound by Artists (1990) and Radio Rethink: Art, Sound and Transmission (1994). He was the producer of the radio art program "The Problem with Language" (CKLN, Toronto) from 1987 to 1991. His works for radio and loudspeaker are dependent on sound recordings gathered from real life situations, organized with an ear to the ways in which meaning circulates through the invisible conduit of sounding and hearing. His works have been widely aired in North America and Europe.

This is a fucking awesome record!
gedoism press

Dan Lander focuses on a region that is too often avoided: the recycling of the human voice. And even here the expected, ironic handling of an recognizable situation does not take place. It is rather the closeness and the familiarity among humans which fascinate the artist.
Eric Lanzillotta