Erik Friedlander
10" hr5217, 2010

"No musician has better straddled the closing gaps between rock, classical and jazz than New York-based cellist Erik Friedlander. A first-call musician for everyone from indie-rock darlings the Mountain Goats to avant-garde hero John Zorn to R&B; celeb Joss Stone, Friedlander has consistently demonstrated the alluring capabilities an open set of ears can bring you." TimeOut Chicago

Erik Friedlander: cello, sample programming, mixing
Scott Solter: engineer and live processing
Rashad Becker: mastering and vinyl cut at D&M;
Candas Sisman: design & original artwork
Limited edition: 500, vinyl only

A1 Glow
A2 Wag
A3 Lee Av
B1 Assassins or Bridge Blowers
B2 Alchemy
B3 Halo
B4 Out

"Lee Av," "Assassins or Bridge Blowers," "Wag," and "Out" were recorded by Scott Solter, August 22-23, 2005 at Pueblo Studios, San Francisco, CA; mixed by Scott Solter at The Tiny Telephone, September 7, 2005; and mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media.
"Glow," "Alchemy," and "Halo" were recorded and mixed by Erik Friedlander at Arconomics during 2008-9.

The title "Assasins or Bridge Blowers" is taken from Cormac MacCarthy's Child of God; "Wag" is from Dream Songs by John Berryman; "Out" from Robert Frost. Texts were used as jumping-off points for improvisation in the studio during the 2005 sessions (orig. for Block Ice & Propane)

[Alchemy] embraces a wide armload of action, from sweetly plunked melodies with large sentimental weight to cluster-fucks on the density level of George Crumb's Black Angels, all of it informed by brilliant technique and an intelligent approach.
The Wire

Alchemy [...] es otro perfecto ejemplo de las sugerentes capas sonoras que Friedlander logra con su instrumento partiendo a veces de bases jazzísticas, en otras puramente ambientales o de la música clásica.

Nach wie vor sorgt der Clash von Arpeggio-Harmonien (Titelstück) und Schlaflied-Melodien versus eingestreuter kratziger Unmittelbarkeit (“Wag”!) für erfrischende Reibung, bei der man sich dank der unverkopften Klarheit und natürlich der technischen Brillanz immer in sicheren Händen fühlt.