Sudden Infant
My Life's a Gunshot (Retrospective 1989-2009)
hr8909 2x2LP, 2010

"Top shelf all the way - we're all amateurs when he hits the stage!" - Ron Lessard / RRRecords

Limited edition of 500
Paintings by Joke Lanz
Essay by GX Jupitter-Larsen
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Design by Bill Kouligas
Compiled & selected by Joke Lanz & Ed Benndorf

These two double LP's combine 49 rare and unreleased tracks as well as some of Sudden Infant's most essential and radical work from the last twenty years. Beautifully housed in two fold-out double LP's with original cover paintings by Joke Lanz and an exclusive 4-page essay by GX Jupitter-Larsen. No CD or download releases planned.

"Born in Switzerland, now based in Berlin, Joke Lanz (aka Sudden Infant) is one of the most prolific and profound artists working in the border zones where performance and body art meet improvisation and Noise. In his Sudden Infant guise, Lanz creates a unique blend of physical sound poetry and epileptic noise bursts, using contact microphones, loops, tapes, etc. The result is an extreme form of musique concrète that juxtaposes spasmodic gibbering with a battery of disorienting electronics." - The Wire

This set runs the gamut of ritual action, early new wave/metal-on-metal punkers, organic noise eviscerations, dark drone works and hysterical body horror [...] Highly recommended.
Volcanic Tongue

From jump-cut collages and torrents of spastic scree to smashed concrète clamour and bursts of fractious contact mic physicality, for anyone with even a passing interest in noise-as-art, as sonic invention, or simply noise-as-noise, these recordings are a goldmine.

Ohne Wenn und Aber ein Landmark-Release.

For those whose tastes run to the furthest edges of the bizarre, this compilation is essential listening. It’s not just a basketload of savage and severe racket (although there’s probably a good portion of that), but a very twisted alienating and unsettling listening, with plenty of unexplained gaps and musical brain-bafflers.
The Sound Projector

This collection is really one of those things that makes you sit back and say to yourself...FUCK! Life IS good! A really amazing set.